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Speech Therapy addresses deficits in communication, by providing a variety of interventions to improve speech and language, such as comprehension, sound production and use of language in social conversations.

Speech Therapy is an intervention service that focuses on improving a child’s speech, abilities to understand and express language, including non-verbal language.

Speech therapists, or speech and language pathologists (SLPs), are the professionals who provide these services.

Speech therapy includes two components:

  1. Coordinating the mouth to produce sounds to form words and sentences (to address articulation, fluency, and voice volume regulation), and
  2. Understanding and expressing language (to address the use of language through written, pictorial, body, sign forms, and the use of language through alternative communication systems such as social media, computers, and iPads). In addition, the role of SLPs in treating swallowing disorders has broadened to include all aspects of feeding.

Get Involved

  1. Make it possible for parents to meet other families and learn about developmental course of ASD.
  2. Learn about education, occupational, residential, service system, and health transition.
  3. Learn and practice problem-solving method.
  4. Learn about how family environment impacts behaviours.
  5. Learn strategies for behaviour management during late adolescence and early adulthood.
  6. Discuss advocacy strategies when community misunderstands behaviours.
  7. Finding community activities and social opportunities.
  8. Learn about risks to parental health and well being.
  9. Receive information on long-term planning: guardianship, wills, trusts, etc.