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ASD Parents & Carer Workshop

ASD Parent and Career Workshop Program

Testimonial 1

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) course is good starting point for parents who just learnt about child being on the Autism spectrum. The course helps my family get better understanding of autism and to how help my child. All aspect of the course was useful and Best parts were listening to other parents’ stories and Adam always had tips to help. Which worked. At the end of course it was clear to see the confidence parents walked away with. Adam’s people skill is amazing, so approachable and always available to help. The venue was nice and easy to get. Hawa’s experienced in Autism help us have insight to know where to get help in the Borough. For me personally Hawa and Adam are two professionals that help me enormously at start of my Autism Journey. I hope they continue to help families like ours.

Testimonial 2

During the 7 weeks of Healthy Minds Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) course sessions, I have developed strategies to pre-empt problem behaviours and/or manage those, which do occur. The course has increased my understanding of autism and knowledge of how to deal with day to day life living with autism and advice and guidance on strategies and approaches for dealing with young autistic children on: 1) Building self-esteem. 2) Increase confidence. 3) Reduce anxiety. 4) Develop resilience. 5) Understand how to improve communication with my child child’s Autism.
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